BBE Awards - 2022

Every year, the SCUBA awards one professor and one TA our BBE award, signifying excellence in the advancement of biology for students at Caltech.  We thank and commend you for your continued dedication and impact.  This page is dedicated to the recipients of our 2022 awards.

Professor Justin Bois

I consider it the highest privilege to teach the students of Caltech. They are among the very best students in the world in terms of ability, work ethic, and creativity. It's a privilege I am grateful for every day. So, to be recognized by them for my contributions to their education is a great honor to me. That students I respect so much showed their appreciation with this award further motivates me to do my very best to train our uniquely excellent students to be the best scientists and engineers they can be. I am humbly grateful for the award!


Hristos Courellis

It was an honor and a privilege to be a teaching assistant for CNS 187 (Neural Computation) for the inaugural offering since the previous iteration last taught in 2016. I am humbled that the students thought of me for this award, as it was a team effort from every single individual in the class that made the entire experience as thought provoking and downright fun as it was. We all, students and instructors alike, worked tirelessly to build a productive learning environment through our active class discussions and (occasionally lengthy) office hours which I’ll never forget! Thank you CNS 187 Spring22 Class! I look forward to seeing the great things you will accomplish with the tools and knowledge we developed together.